December 11, 2018

Why are there no values shown for this golf club? A couple of testers with mph-plus swings found this gram shaft to work well with their swings, as did a tester with a mids swing speed. But does it work for us hackers who have that shot which turns from power fade to perplexingly ugly power slice? I would be interested in whether the draw model actually will help a high handicap player. I bought the FT3, reg shaft ,neutral, 10deg and also 3,5 woods I liked their feel so much as well. This gives the FT-3 a very sturdy appearance, as if a more standard-looking driver had lifted weights and bulked up a bit. The tepid gray-black-yellow color scheme of the ERC Fusion is left behind for a shiny black and orange palette on the FT

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Notify me of new posts by email. There’s no need to try and hit the ball with callawzy club, just let it drop into place with an easy swing and it flies. It serves to increase Moment of Inertia MOI for extreme forgiveness on off-center hits and exceptionally consistent ball speed up, down and across the face.

The above reviews I am seriously excited about getting down the range to have a blast with it. I could swing as hard and fast as I could possibly swing and still hit it straight. Conclusion For the first time since the ERC II five years ago, Callaway Golf has a driver that stands out from everything else in terms of fuaion and performance.

Callaway Fusion Ft-3 Tour Driver Stiff Flex Degrees Golf | eBay

Please note, this does not necessarily mean the golf fallaway has no value! With three different golf shot bias set-ups you have the power to influence golf ball flight, although the slightly closed face of the neutral bias would be ideal for a lot of club golfers. The new FT-3 Driver already has been a huge hit.


callaaay There are two different models of the FT This gives the FT-3 a very sturdy appearance, as if a more standard-looking driver had lifted weights and bulked up a bit.

A long, accurate and forgiving driver.

Callaway Fusion Ft-3 Tour Driver Stiff Flex 9.5 Degrees 245312 Golf

And now with Callaway Golf’s OptiFit TM Fitting System developed in conjunction with the FT-3 Driver, golfers can customize their driver simply by choosing the setup that best fits their individual swing type. Each model has three different varieties: Flight is the ‘rainbow’ I have not got close to with my K, lovely and high use Pro V1 yet great carry and then some roll.

The FT-3 Tour driver is available in right-hand only in 8. Harder to hit than my cc Spalding Cannon I bought in In all, each FT-3 driver has more than 40 grams of what Callaway calls discretionary weight redistributed tt3 key areas of the clubhead.

Neutral for maximum workability; Draw for reducing a slice or fade and promoting a draw; or Fade for reducing a hook and promoting a fade or straight ball.

Callaway Big Bertha Fusion FT-3 Tour Drivers

The carry is impressive- the ball just seems to stay in the air longer and carry, carry, carry. The Tour models have the weight tweaked slightly to help better golfers achieve a flatter ball flight, while the standard callawway have a lower center of gravity. I paced my drive off at yards — and the ball mark was only one yard behind where the shot finished.


I was in a tournament a couple of days ago and I walked callawway 4 drives;, and The club isnt the only thing that i love though, callaway customer service is by far the BEST in the business.

Callaway Big Bertha FT-3 Fusion Tour Driver

Your email address You must enter a valid email address. I can push and pull of course but thats my swing, mis hits find the target, no doubt about that. Fision truly transformed my game from the tee. For more information visit www. The Callaway Big Bertha Fusion FT-3 driver is an improvement on the composite Fusion driver, but only it’s mother would love it’s looks!

Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Given the huge array of lofts and weight positions, the FT-3 should appeal to nearly any type of golfer.

But it was a bit too cutting-edge for the public, who stayed away from the driver due to its muted sound and light feel. Is it in anyway less forgiving?

I hit it straight and true a number of times, no slice no draw. The clubhead is very long from the face to the back, which allows designers to shift the center of gravity even farther away from the clubface for an even higher MOI.

I decided If I Switch to FT3, according to the reviews do hope it will increase my distance another 10 to 15 yds. The clubhead continues to impress me.